The other day me and my wife were in Charlotte NC and looking for a place to eat, we couldn’t find anything that was calling us but not too far way from where we were going to go eat there was a Spanish grill and what got my attention was the name “Miro Spanish grill” which “Miro” in Spanish means “look” and I told my wife we need to look in to that restaurant is telling us too. 😛 it was a great decision the food was great, I had the paella and my wife had steak with a blue cheese sauce and garlic mash potatoes she was in heaven and I was too. It really was the best Spanish food I had since I left Venezuela.
This restaurant is really great but the service not so much, if you have your heart set in a great service like we were you are going to get your heart broken, the service is not horrible but is not what we were expecting from a restaurant with such great food, we couldn’t get our waters refilled and we didn’t see our waiter until we got the check.
Please don’t let the bad service stop you for going in to this restaurant because the food is so great that you won’t care about the bad service.
For more information please fallow this link.