Life is so short why not enjoy every moment of it, that is why I have travel so many places to get a taste of life.

Life can be taste in the food we eat, the drinks that we drink and the entertainment that we enjoy, every place that we travel we can find little treasurers all around it which could be a little restaurant in the middle of no where with the best food you have ever tasted or it could be in a remote location with a taste of history, no matter where you are make sure to talk to the locals they can always show you where you can find the best of that town.

Remember there is no bad place but bad people, so always give a second chance to a place that you might have had a bad service because you might be surprise and find out that the place was great it was just the person who was bad, and if that don’t happen and the place still sucks then just say good bye and walk away to the next adventurer.

Sometimes we need money to be able to enjoy ourselves but sometimes it takes less money to visit places close to us that we have never been like an old museum or a mountain you might be surprise how much fun that could be,  just get a backpack put some snacks and drinks in it and have yourself a little adventure, make it romantic for your better half and add some wine to the mix they will believe that you are the most romantic and attentive person in the world.

Have fun with this tips and remember live life like there is no tomorrow!

Love always.