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Food is what br…

Food is what brings people together


Coming back!

After so many months of taking a break, I’m back and ready to continue my journey to found great places to have an excellent time.
Going to Syracuse in 2 weeks, I’m sure I’ll found some great places where I can have excellent food and a great time.
So stay tune for reviews and pictures.
Bye for now and remember, live life like there is no tomorrow.


Hi everyone, I looking for places where I can travel to find great places to eat or have a great time please feel free to email me with the name of the location, address or what city is located at.
Thank you.

 Locate in Myrtle Beach this diner is a little local favorite, great food and awesome service keeps the locals coming back for more not only this two things make locals come back to the diner but their own mugs, yes their own mugs with $10.00 dollars you can buy a mug and have you name put on it that day you get all the free coffee you want and then when you come back just for .60 cents you can have your coffee on you own mug for life, the mug stays in the dinner in the big wall with all the other mugs on the same place that you put it in. Just come in grab your mug and sit down to have a great breakfast.

The only think you need to keep in mind is that they are a very Christian Diner, so please keep the bad words and rude comments to yourselves, the food and the service is great so when you guys are in Myrtle Beach just stop come in a get a taste of this little local favorite.

For more information fallow this link.

Hello Hungry People!

My name is Keeka and I’m a hungry person for fun and places where I can have a great time eating, drinking and just being myself.

Normally me and my wife go to different places around the states that are close to us, well we have travel far from New York all the way to Florida and in this travels we have found great place as horrible places too, my goal with this website is to be able to help gay and straight people find place where they can have an excellent time no matter if it is a restaurant, bar, movie theater, or a hotel. I’m going to write reviews of every place that I travel even if is a great place or a most stay away place.

I hope you guys can enjoy my page and have the chance to visit places that I’m going to mention here.


If you guys know of a place that I might need to visit please feel free to email me at, I’m looking forward to discover all new and exiting places.

Love always.