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My wife found a Colombian restaurant in Gastonia NC, which the reviews said it had the best empanadas so we decided to find it and to our surprise it was super close to our home just a block away from my kid high school. But the place looked rundown and it scared me, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the empanadas so we decided to go in, and let me tell you thank God we did because not only the empanadas were great but everything we had it was good, not only is a Colombian bakery but a little restaurant too. I had the Colombian appetizer and it was so much food I didn’t need to order a meal, it had 4 empanadas, 1 morcilla, 1 chorizo, 3 arepas and a Papa rellena (potato that is stuff with meat).
This little bakery/restaurant food is great, yes the place needs a remodel and if you didn’t know about the food there is no way you would though  about going in, but just overlook the looks and just think that once you have the food you will forget about the decoration.
Las Palmas, Colombian Bakery. Gastonia NC. (New Hope rd)


The other day me and my wife were driving around Charlotte NC, we wanted something different to eat we didn’t want fast food or the normal every day restaurant which we were driving around so much that we got lost…lol, and that was how we end up finding Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant but let me tell you the outside got me a little scare because I didn’t know what to expect the building was old and it needs a little fixing but I said “what the hell, lets try it”.

Well when we went in, it was like a normal restaurant it was clean and the people was nice so we decided to stay, and it was the right decision the food was great I had the Paella and it was better that the one that I had in “Miro Spanish restaurant” my wife had stake and fried potatoes (not french fries) and she loved it, she told me that it was so good she couldn’t stop eating. Not only the food is good but not too expensive either and the portions where big, so if you want to try a Peruvian Restaurant come to Machu Picchu you will not regret it.

Machu Picchu is located at 4715 E Independence Blvd Charlotte, NC 28212.

This is was what my wife had.

The other day me and my wife were in Charlotte NC and looking for a place to eat, we couldn’t find anything that was calling us but not too far way from where we were going to go eat there was a Spanish grill and what got my attention was the name “Miro Spanish grill” which “Miro” in Spanish means “look” and I told my wife we need to look in to that restaurant is telling us too. 😛 it was a great decision the food was great, I had the paella and my wife had steak with a blue cheese sauce and garlic mash potatoes she was in heaven and I was too. It really was the best Spanish food I had since I left Venezuela.
This restaurant is really great but the service not so much, if you have your heart set in a great service like we were you are going to get your heart broken, the service is not horrible but is not what we were expecting from a restaurant with such great food, we couldn’t get our waters refilled and we didn’t see our waiter until we got the check.
Please don’t let the bad service stop you for going in to this restaurant because the food is so great that you won’t care about the bad service.
For more information please fallow this link.