What a night!
Last night it was one of the of the most awesome night, the show in Rainbow Inn was amazing the entertainment was so well put together that you didn’t want the show to end.
The host Roxy was so funny with her well put together number, between the jokes and her singing you couldn’t wait for her to come back to the stage. Big Shirli number was one of the number that I couldn’t wait to see, I have seen her show before and I already knew how good she was but last night it was so amazing to see how well can she perform and make the audience laugh. Patti O’Furniture act was really good, this was the first time I saw her perform it was a honor to see a great performer like her. Lilith Deville and Bethann Phetamine had a very interesting way to perform it was good but not really my type of entertainment which I believe some of people in the club thought the same.
Pictures and video are coming soon.